Sound and Herbal Therapy

Healing & Transformation through the "Blessing of Sound"

Sound Healer & Founder Kundalini Sound & Herbal Therapy

Born in the spiritual Himalayas, Chaitanyashree is one of the most influential and effective Sound Healers originating from Nepal. He uses the singing bowl to converge higher spiritual energy, to heal and rejuvenate the body, to open the blockages and retune the chakras with existence. Life, which is filled with different kinds of emotions, anxiety and stress, is bound to unbalance the chakras. This in turn makes the body an ideal place to gradually develop many kinds of diseases. Most of the diseases that we have today are related to the mind. The singing bowl restores deep tranquility in the mind, and thus helping the body to heal. Chaitanyashree's knowledge of the singing bowl is not only based on the scientific analysis of sound, but also on a deeper, inner spiritual understanding and realisation of its frequencies and its positive effect on the body, mind and soul. He regards the sound of the Singing Bowl as Ahat Nadha, the primordial sound, the source and the core of every living being. When one is tuned, this Sound opens the door to higher consciousness, rendering one’s body energized and recharged with divine energy, which ultimately heals everything.

Chaitanyashree has been playing and meditating with sound from a very young age. The sound of the singing bowl is one of the most beautiful and simple vehicles to learn to meditate and find deep peace within. He strictly focuses on the right singing bowl since sound is a form of energy that can have positive as well as negative effects. A bowl that may be right for one person may not be right for another. To that extent he helps people to find the Singing Bowl that is right for them, to match their bodily frequencies and its harmonics, and to resonate with the chakras. To enable every one to play, Chaitanyashree gives different types of courses, based on his personal techniques and approaches as well as on ancient Vedic understanding of sound and its relation with the human body. From their first healing session, one can really feel a very powerful and out-of-body experience. Many people are transformed from the first session. He uses a wide variety of sets of singing bowls for different kinds of healing and therapy sessions, depending on individual needs.