Sound and Herbal Therapy

Healing & Transformation through the "Blessing of Sound"

Mandala paintings and descriptions by Anu
(completed throughout her singing bowl course with Chaitanyashree) 


This chakra painting manifested itself very easily and naturally, just as the painting shows. The fresh green leaves represent mother earth and all that grows. The trees that provide us with oxygen, enabling us to live. The earth, the soil, on which we place our feet, providing us with a stable base. The white dots radiating out from the leaves indicate the more subtle levels of energy, the ones that we might not feel or see in daily life, but they are there, nevertheless. The natural wisdom that we all contain, and have all but forgotten. The subtle energies inside as well as outside of us. The black colour outside the chakra is the infinite universe, without beginning or end.


Swadisthana is the place where life is created, as well as beauty. A place of purity. The painting was an almost unconscious act, and by far the fastest creation, done with a feverish urgency. Only afterwards did i understand what had happened. An event in my life that happened 12 years previously, which i thought i had dealt with completely, showed itself so clearly in the painting, that i came undone when i saw it. With Chaitanyashree’s guidance, over a period of two days, i once more revisited this dark and desperate time, and with a final purification, i have been able to put it to rest at last.


The four main qualities of Manipura are acceptance, confidence, inner strength and divine fire. On the physical level, Manipura is also the place of digestion. In my life i have faced many difficult situations and challenges, and i have always had the inner strength to pull through. During the course however i realised that i have operated mostly on the survival level, without going beyond that. Now i have the inner maturity and readiness to grow. For that, confidence is needed, acceptance of whatever comes and happens in life, and the connection with divine fire, to go beyond the survival level. The red and orange spiral represents my inner strength, the little green shoot in the desert represents my slowly budding confidence, even in what appears to be barren soil, the flaming heart is divine fire and divine love, and the hands are asking for guidance while accepting whatever comes into my life.


Several months after my return in Italy, during the cold and dark days of December,I started painting the Anahata chakra. In many countries, particularly in the west, Christmas awakens feelings of compassion and unconditional love, and inspires acts of kindness. Sadly, soon after Christmas, these feelings seem to lessen significantly. With these thoughts, i created the painting, flowing my feelings, to carry on beyond Christmas. The green forms are based on the Maori koru symbol, to which i have a strong connection. The koru symbolizes the beginning of life.The korus are joined and touching at the base, separating and touching their neighbors, ultimately connecting and uniting again.  They open up to allow growth, while also providing a protective space, like a womb, allowing a safe and loving environment to grow in. The golden yellow threads inside grow upwards, touching and overlapping. The korus are surrounded by the air element. The peacock feathers symbolize unconditional love. The black colour did no longer fit, and i felt drawn to create a golden glow instead. Each chakra painting was part of an inner process, and my vision and feelings were changing progressively.


Duality originates in Vishuddhi, hence the spirals which separate in black and white. Black and white, often associated with good and bad, can also be seen as two contrasting and opposing colours, neither good, nor bad. With our speech, located at the Vishuddhi chakra, we can create positive and negative vibrations. The golden drops coming down from the top symbolize a fluid called amrit, which is said to flow from the pituitary gland, or from the pineal gland, down the throat in deep states of meditation. It is considered to be the nectar of longevity, but most of us are unaware of its existence and have no idea how to utilise it. Also, the golden colour symbolizes non-duality, but as the drops enter Vishuddhi, they enter the realm of duality and change into black and white. In Vishuddhi all 5 elements are present, represented by 5 spirals and 5 doors. Outside the chakra there is turbulence, at the same time the violet colour of the highest chakra is present. 


When Aghya is fully open, inner clarity and consciousness are experienced, and discrimination between good and bad no longer exists. While painting i was guided by intuition, rather than by factual knowledge. Only after i painted the two serpents representing male and female, Shakti and Shiva, who unite in Sahasra, did i find out that i had partially misunderstood this process: only Shakti ascends, while Shiva is waiting for her in Sahasra. After unison, Shiva and Shakti manifest again in duality, and now both Shiva and Shakti descend. The golden column at the top depicts the union of Shiva and Shakti. The mountain scene at the centre is crystal clear and vast, a space for meditation and stillness, and i thought of lord Shiva while i was painting. The eye at the centre contains the colors of my own eyes. The two violet crescents contain the heavy clouds and ever-changing sky which i saw every time i looked up from my painting. Even though i was in the hills while painting, the ocean manifested itself, because that is where i felt free and at peace in the past, not bound by land or borders. Then i painted the lotus to provide stability. The green hill is a powerful magical place connected to lord Shiva, and i was always close to it while i was painting.


The crown chakra is Everything, One in All, All in One. I painted 7 layers of petals, containing all 7 chakras, and consciously chose to omit an outer border with gates. Sahasra is the gateway to Divine, to the Universe, and in my mind’s eye i could only see white. Then i saw the snowy mountains, even though in reality i could not see them. Where i was staying, on clear nights i saw the most incredible concentration of stars and planets, they were so clear and bright that i felt if i reached out my hand i could touch them. It created a feeling of oneness with the universe.