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The Art of Making the Singing Bowl Sets by Queshraagi

* Prayer Set
* Travelling Chakra Set
* Trio Aum Bowl Set

Our Researches

* Reasons behind why Antique           Bowls Sound better than new           Bowls.

* Why Pitch of Bowls depends on        the size of the Bowls. The bigger      the Bowl the more deeper( low        frequency) the  sound.

* What makes Metal bowls sound      better than Crystal bowls.

* History and age dating of                    antique bowls.

* Mettalic constitution of the              Antique Bowls.

* The ancient lost art of making           the Bowls.

* The mystical Over tones of the        Singing Bowls.

The making of Singing Bowl set is a form of  art and we find ourself very fortunate to be in Nepal and having at our disposal, a huge collection of Bowls from the himalayas to accomplish our task.  This bigger collection facilates us with higher chances to find the right bowl and put them together precisely to make the best Singing Bowl Sets.

  From the thousands of both new and antique singing bowls that flock to Kathmandu from different himalayan parts of Nepal & India, we are undoubtly the early birds to go through the fresh stock.From this huge collection we only make a limited  number of sets every year. Our team of healers, therapist   and researchers work together to build the finest sets suitable for various purposes.

Process through which we go through while making the Sets.

1 ) Separating “Clean” bowl  and “Muddy” bowl.

              The Himalayan Singing Bowls are hand-made. They have a human touch which one can see with the eyes as well as sense with the ears ­­­­(tonal Quality). Because they are hand-made many of them have irregular thickness, shape and a different inner acoustic space and volume. Due to this they produce different notes varying by appreciable cents (a  unit to measure notes) at different points of contact by the mallet. These types of Singing Bowls are neither good for healing nor for music. These unwanted frequencies make the audible spectrum muddy and unpleasant. Hence we call them “muddy” bowls.  The “clean” bowls are the ones which produce a uniform frequency and note throughout. It requires  patience and experienced ears  to differentiate the Clean bowls from the Muddy bowls. Generally speaking 1 out of 30 bowls is clean.     

2) Qualities of Sound and ease of playing.

          This is the second stage in which the qualities of sound, such as loudness, timbre, and most importantly sustain (denotes the period of time during which the sound remains before it becomes inaudible, or silent) are considered. The ease of playing the bowl depending on how much time and effort is needed to produce the sound when the rim is played, is another important factor. Many bowls which remained after the first stage do not pass this test and most of them are rejected. 


3) Determining the frequency.

             The bowls that arrive at this level now have to go through frequency tests. All Bowl Sets that we make i.e. Chakra Set, Musical Scale Set, Planet Set, The five Element Set and the AUM Bowl have their particular frequencies and mathematical relation with one another within the sets. The frequencies of the bowls should match one of the frequencies of the above sets, before they can be used in making a set. One out of 17 bowls passes this stage.

4) Making a set.

                This is the most awaited moment, in which we combine the bowls to form a set. It is a magical moment when we complete a set. When the bowls are combined in the right way they come to life. Our hearts are filled with a deep feeling of gratitude and satisfaction. Sometimes we have to wait for months for just one bowl to complete the set. Putting together all our spiritual, scientific and musical knowledge and experience to combine the bowls is a labor of love, and a Divine experience. The art of making a bowl set is not complete without love. It is an amazing feeling that singing bowls react differently when played with love. After many days of intensive searching and testing and  creating beautiful sets, we feel a very deep relation with our bowls. That is why we urge you to treat your bowl set with immense love and care, as they are going to change and transform your life forever.

Antique Bowl Set

Planet Bowl Set

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Antique Fifth Harmony Set

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