Sound and Herbal Therapy

Healing & Transformation through the "Blessing of Sound"

Sound Therapy Sessions


Name: Irene

Country: Andorra

Date: 26/04/2014

“Music came inside me in a way I never could imagine! Great experience, good feelings, Love.”


Name: Natalie

Country: England

Date: 27/04/2014

“Wow what can I say? The music took me back to the beginnings of time. I felt such peace through my body and I learnt a lot about which Chakras are out of balance (which made a lot of sense!). Thank you so so much! "


Name: Ram

Country: Nepal

Date: 06/05/2014

“There is no other meditation other than sound healing to open your mind and heart. Don’t miss the chance when you visit Nepal”.


Name: Regan

Country: Canada

Date: 21/05/2014

“Om, the greatest sound healing I’ve ever received, he is a true master healer. What an amazing life gift”…


Name: Deiter & Claudia

Country: Belgium


“Last day in Nepal and we felt a connection to the sound. It’s a great experience, with people with a great view! This experience will bring us back to Nepal! Peace and Love!”


Name: Laititia

Country: France


“Beautiful experience and nice feelings of peace, love and balance! Congratulations for giving such nice emotions and feelings!”

45 minute Diagnostic Chakra Healing 


The main purpose of this healing is to diagnose the clients’ energy and to identify, through the use of sound, which Chakras are balanced or unbalanced, and where there are any blockages. Different healing bowls are used for each of the Chakras and depending on the frequency, vibration and sound of the singing bowls an accurate diagnosis is made. 


60 minute Chakra Healing 

This is a focused healing for a specific Chakra.This healing is recommended after the Diagnosis healing when one or more Chakra(s) of the client has been found to be unbalanced or not in harmony. The therapist works on a deeper level, for a concentrated amount of time to bring more harmony and balance to the Chakra. 

90 minute Chakra Healing 

This is a comprehensive healing including the Diagnostic Chakra healing, and also focuses on any blocked or unbalanced Chakra(s) identified in the diagnosis. All of the Chakras will be exposed to the healing bowls, altering the vibration and frequency to a more harmonious state. As sound and vibration also alters the molecular structure of water, every cell of the body will also feel the benefits of the healing. The therapist will also discuss the characteristics and qualities of the Chakras and provides a brief counselling session to explain the underlying contributing factors associated with any disharmony.Throughout this crystals may also used to support the healing process. This experience will leave you feeling totally relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated. Fully recommended!!

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